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Huizhou Enfo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Enfo Energy" ) was initiallyestablished in August 2020. After a three-year start-up period, Enfo Energy wasreorganized and established in April 2023, with a factory area of 4800 square meters. Enfo Energy Focus on solutions for Li-ion phosphate smart energy systems, ommitted toproviding secure, high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective customized productservices and solutions for the field of smart energy applications; The company has asenior technical research and development team specializing in covering materialselectronics, electrochemistry, machinery, and other fields. The products are widely used in 4G/5G communication backup power supply, householdenergy storage system, industrial and commercial energy storage system, data centeremergency backup high and low voltage power UPS, intelligent sweeping robot powersupply, outdoor portable power supply, pure electric forklifts, two wheeled tricycles, golffield vehicles environmental sanitation vehicles and other non road low-speed feldvehicles, as well as subway construction vehicles. The products have passed the certification of UN38 . 3, MSDS, CE, etc ...and obtained the three maior system certifications of IS09001IS014001 andS045001.


R&D and Innovation

As society's demand for clean and efficient energy continues to grow, the research and development of new generation energy storage technology has become the key to promoting the progress of the energy industry. Below is an overview of some of the innovative R&D efforts aimed at making energy storage more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

01. Research and development of high-perfor mance energy storage materials

Explore new battery materials, such as high-energy lithium-ion battery materials, multi-ion battery materials, etc., to improve energy density and cycle life.

Research advanced supercapacitor materials to enable higher charge rates and longer life.

02. Breakthroughs in solid-state battery technology

Conduct research and development of solid-state battery technology to replace traditional liquid batteries, improve safety, reduce costs, and increase energy density.

Explore new solid-state electrolytes and electrode materials to achieve more stable battery performance.

03. Integration of smart energy storage systems

Combining artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, we develop intelligent energy storage systems to achieve real-time monitoring and intelligent dispatch of energy demand.

Design intelligent energy storage management algorithms to optimize energy storage and release and improve overall system efficiency.

04. Deep integration of renewable energy and energy storage

Deeply integrate energy storage technology with renewable energy systems to achieve stable energy supply and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.

Research advanced energy storage solutions that work with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

05. Recyclable and environmentally friendly battery design

Designing batteries with recyclable materials reduces the use of harmful elements and reduces the environmental impact of battery manufacturing and disposal.

Explore eco-friendly battery processes and promote the feasibility of battery recycling and remanufacturing.

06. Development of new energy storage equipment

Develop lighter, more compact, and more efficient energy storage devices to meet the needs of different scenarios and applications.

Promote the modular design of battery energy storage systems to make them easier to install, maintain and upgrade.

07. Battery fast charging technology

Break through the limitations of battery charging speed and develop faster charging technology to shorten charging time and improve user experience.

Conduct in-depth research on thermal management technology during battery charging to ensure the safety of the high-speed charging process.

Huizhou Enfo Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Enfo Energy Focus on solutions for Li-ion phosphate smart energy systems, ommitted toproviding secure, high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective customized productservices and solutions for the field of smart energy applications

Huizhou Enfo Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.